Nov 15 2022

Ferment: Metamorphoses and Reflections

December 6, 2022 – January 3, 2023
The National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South,
New York, NY 10003
Mon–Sun: 10 AM – 5 PM

Since its inception in 2007, CYFEST’s main concerns have been to examine the dialogue between various visual languages and technology cultures, and thus to explore a way of commoning with both art professionals and scientific communities. CYFEST unites artists, curators, educators, engineers, programmers and media activists all over the world, and creates an inclusive platform for mapping, mediation, and documentation of new media art on different regional and international levels. CYFEST is one of the world’s few nomadic cultural events: in 2022, an interdisciplinary program of exhibitions, performances, events and education workshops took place in Yerevan, Armenia; Dartington, UK; and Mesa, Arizona, USA. Over the year, the festival had partnerships with HayArt Cultural Center, Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art NPAK, Dartington Trust, Arizona State University, Media and Immersive eXperience (MIX) Center, Kolodzei Art Foundation, and Leonardo ISAST. Read more »

Dec 15 2021

Visionary Dreams #3292-3296

21–30 December 2021
Borey Art Center
58 Liteiny Prospect,
St. Petersburg, Russia

Opening reception — December 21st, 6 pm–8 pm

«Visionary Dreams #3292-3296» is the 15th-anniversary exhibition of Anna Frants at the Borey Art Center, the oldest independent platform for unofficial art in St. Petersburg.

Visionary Dreams #3292-3296

Dec 26 2015

“Colour of Time” by Semen Belyi

Frants Gallery Space warmly invites you to attend the opening reception for


by Semen Belyi

Tuesday, December 29
Frants Gallery Space
Rubinshteina 23 apt 39
St Petersburg, Russia

Приглашаем вас на открытие выставки ЦВЕТ ВРЕМЕНИ, которое состоится 29 декабря в 18:30 в FRANTS GALLERY SPACE по адресу ул. Рубинштейна 23, 39. Read more »

Dec 04 2015

Другой ЛОСХ

Frants Gallery Space warmly invites you to attend the opening reception for


1960-1980-е. Произведения из коллекций Николая Кононихина и семьи Франц

4 декабря 2015 г. в Молодежном центре Эрмитажа стартует проект «Другой ЛОСХ: 1960-1980-е. Произведения из коллекций Николая Кононихина и семьи Франц» в рамках программы «Актуальное искусство в Петербурге. Ретроспектива» (куратор София Кудрявцева). Read more »

Feb 07 2015


Frants Gallery Space (New York) cordially invites you to attend the opening reception for


An exhibition by Mikhail Belomlinsky

February 13, 2015
6:30 – 10:00 PM

81 Wooster Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10012

RSVP +1 917 202 3782
or e-mail at


By Julia Belomlinskaya

I love the 1960s.
I was born in sixties.
To two “Sixtiers”.
Except that, at the time, my mom and dad didn’t know that they were the “Sixtiers”.
The generation of yet another Russian thaw, this time in the Soviet Russia.
The generation that will also be known as “Children of the 20th Congress of Communist Party”.
The Sixtiers will be emblazoned and disparaged.
They will be the subject of heated arguments.
Bulat Okudzhava, who sided with the Sixtiers, will write a poem
about the Sixtiers who should dethrone the Mustached Man (Stalin).
The poem ends with the Sixtiers placing their bet on the motherland
that will certainly forget about them in all the bustle,
but then again they have but one motherland…
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Sep 03 2014


Frants Gallery Space (New York) cordially invites you to attend the opening reception for


An exhibition by Petr Belyi and Petr Shvetsov

September 12, 2014
6:30 – 10:00 PM

81 Wooster Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10012

RSVP 212 343 0104
or e-mail at


An ordinary glass of water, viewed as the art object, provides an infinite field of possible interpretations.  The longer one looks at it, the father away the applied meaning moves, giving place to the aesthetic value and the form.  Reflections, overlappings, intermixtures, penetrations — the illusory nature of material world creates a certain new household poetics.  Apartment exhibitions facilitate the penetration of household things into art in the best possible way.  The apartment space cannot be transformed into the exhibition space in its entirety; characteristics of its inhabitants show through crystal chandeliers, curtains or wall’s color.  In this case, the artist, thanks to his unlimited power, endows household objects with an absolute freedom of self-determination, which is unthinkable in the real life, by arranging almost metaphysical still lives:  a chandelier drifts onto the wall; a flower grows through the floor.  He creates a sense of the absurdity of goings-on, disturbing the customary state of affairs and balancing on the border of art-not-art, as if engendering a special type of object that exists simultaneously on several terrains.

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Jun 05 2014

THE OTHER HOME @Manifesta 10

“Frants Gallery Space” will take part of the “Manifesta 10″ parallel program in St.Petersburg, Russia. The group exhibition “THE OTHER HOME” presents mid-carrier Peterburg artists and follow the tradition of legendary apartment shows of Soviet time. Curators are questioning about correlation of public and private, inner and outward, practical and idle, trivial and odd.
Artists: Petr Belyi, Ludmila Belova, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov, Alexandra Dementieva, Vika Ilyushkina, Marina KoldobskayaVitaly Pushnitsky, Anna Frants, Petr Shvetsov, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai.
Curators: Marina Koldobskaya, Anna Frants


Aleksander Shishkin – Hokusai­­­­ – “Print Opera” (2013-14)

Opening 27th June 2014

6:00 – 10:00 PM
Frants Gallery Space
Rubinshteina 23 apt 39
St Petersburg, Russia (Google map)

Photo report by Vladimir Mikhaylutsa

The Other Home

Home sweet home, parents’ house, my castle and the walls that help.

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Feb 07 2014


Cordially invites you to attend the opening reception for


An exhibition by: Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov

Friday, February 28

6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Frants Gallery Space
81 Wooster St. 4WM, New York, NY
Please RSVP at:

По-русски см. ниже

Astronomy of Feelings

BY: Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov

At first glance, it might appear that astronomy and feelings are concepts that do not intersect.
Astronomy – it is distances, galaxies, stars; this is a mystery. However, a human being with his feelings, fears and doubts is no less of a mystery. Observation has always been the basis of astronomy. Observation has always been the activity of an artist. A mirror is one of the instruments used by a human being for self-determination, and the very same mirror has now become the chief instrument of astronomers. A human being looks in the mirror and sees himself and outer space. Read more »

Dec 06 2013

Drawing the Third Dimension Workshop

Frants Gallery Space will host Drawing the Third Dimension workshop exploring Max/MSP Jitter and OpenGL frameworks as tools for 3D video production on December 7.

Limited to 15 places this beginner’s workshop is organized by Ellen Pearlman and taught by Tommy Martinez. Ellen Pearlman is a New Media Artist, Writer, Curator, Critic, who gave a thought-provoking presentation on The New Aesthetic And The Digital Divide during CYBERFEST 2012. She is also a director and curator for the Volumetric Society, an eclectic group of innovators exploring the arts & sciences of a new world of natural user interfaces between body, brain, and spatially aware computing for the physical world. It is a platform for exchanging ideas and projects and getting exposed to the volumetric future the devices such as Kinect, Emotiv/MindWare, volumetric 3D displays, cameras and telematic interfaces.

The Volumetric Society workshops.
Images from

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Jun 24 2013

Frants Gallery Space and the Night of Contemporary Art

On June 29 Frants Gallery Space will take part of the Night of Contemporary Art – a large-scale program of contemporary Russian art and exhibition projects.

INFO: The Association of Contemporary Art Institutions (ACAI) announces the Night of Contemporary Art that will take place on 29 June in St Petersburg, Russia. To promote contemporary art, all the ACAI venues will be opening their exhibitions on that night. The program will be started with the opening of the public art project Luzhaika in the New Holand island, which will include the works of seven famous Russian contemporary artists.

ACAI was established in 2010 to promote contemporary art in St Petersburg. It currently has 13 members: AL Gallery, Anna Nova Art Gallery, Art re.Flex Gallery, Cyland Media Art Lab, Dmitriy Semenov Gallery, Frants Gallery Space, Lazarev Gallery, Marina Gisich Gallery, Modernariat, Namegallery, Rizzordi Art Foundation, Kitchen Studio and Parazit creative union. FULL PROGRAMME HERE

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