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Aug 25 2009

Acqua vita. Short trip

Frants Gallery Space in SPb
NCCA SPb, Russia

cordially invite you
to attend the opening reception

“Acqua vita. Short trip”

Jane Greer, NY, photography.
Ljudmila Belova (Saint-Petersburg), video, photography

Opening: August 25, 2009
7:00 -10:00 pm.
Rubinshteina str., 23-39
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Tel: 764 83 37

“Acqua vita. Short trip”

This project consists of photos by New York artist Jane Greer, shot in Varanasi (India), documenting the ritual of committing ash to the water, and also videos and photos by St. Petersburg artist Liudmila Belova, shot in Venice, during the recent Biennale of contemporary art.

Nov 23 2008


Frants Gallery SPb
St. Petersburg Arts Project (NY),
Russian National Center for Contemporary Art SPb,
CYLAND MediaArtLab (RU)

present the project of the
Second International Cyber Art Festival in Russia

at Frants Gallery Space SPb

robot animals by Zlata Ponirovskaya @anna frants gallery

25-30 November 2008

Aug 22 2008

Ъ-Газета – Резина все стерпит

Владимир Козин нашел художественное применение автомобильным шинам

Влюбленный в автомобильные покрышки художник Владимир Козин упоенно лепит из них ордена и медали
Фото: Никита Инфантьев / Коммерсантъ

В петербургской галерее Анны Франц открылась выставка Владимира Козина “Резинки” — супрематические композиции из автомобильных покрышек. Рассказывает АННА Ъ-МАТВЕЕВА.

Автомобильные покрышки в этом сезоне в моде. Черную резину с трогательно торчащими ниппелями открыли для себя сразу несколько художников. Петр Белый недавно показал сад камней — резиновых камней. Владимир Козин перевел в резину самые известные символы и русского искусства, и русской жизни. Свою резиновую серию он готовил больше года, влюбившись с первого взгляда в вулканизированный каучук.

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Aug 19 2008

Vladimir Kozin – “RUBBERS”

Vladimir Kozin
at Frants Gallery Space (SPb)
rubber art objects

at Frants Gallery Space (St.Petersburg )

Opening: Tuesday, August 19 – 2008

Text from “Kommersant” on English and Russian. RTF 23kb

It seems like galoshes were called product в”number one” by the language of soviet official papers. They were dull and unpleasant, according to those days fashion, but now they became amusing and even stylish. In the same time it is a bit creepy thing, if you remember the unforgettable “Krasnyj Treugolnik” (“Red Triangle”) – a place of forced labour, called “chemistry”, where galoshes were produced. Rubber product “number two” was a condom ” an amusing, indecent and even secret, but very unpleasant thing, according to soviet way of thinking. Now it is banal, like a sugar candy. There are also enemas, pipettes, pacifiers, gas masks, police batons ” tools of salvation and suffering.

In short – rubber is not an ordinary material.

Oct 19 2007

Exhibit of Valentin Gromov

Valentin Gromov
at Frants Gallery Space (SPb)


В at Frants Gallery Space (St.Petersburg )
Friday, October 19th-, 2007


Apr 07 2006

“Unauthorized access”

“Unauthorized access”

April 7th -23rd, 2006
The State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg)

May 14 2004

Flowers and Clay

Exhibition of works by Pelageya Shuriga (St. Petersburg)
May 14th-June 14th 2004 Frants Gallery Space

Mar 16 2004

Untold story of multimedia

Untold story of multimedia

Seminar ‘Untold story of multimedia’
16 March 2004 Kvadrat Gallery (St. Petersburg)

Oct 10 2003

Touch meт

Exhibition of St. Petersburg and New York artists

10 October – 10 November 2003
Anna Akhmatova museum in the Fontanni Dom

May 24 2003

“Baltic mist”

St Petersburg Arts Project in St Petersburg Arts Project in association with ‘Russki Album’ (Russia),  School 33 Art Center (USA) present series of exhibitions ‘Baltic mist’ in gallery ‘Kvadrat’ St. Petersburg

October 4 – 26 2003 Susann Whitier ‘Rolling Hills’ and Sun J. Park ‘Collection of Souls’
June, 7 – June, 22 2003: Laura Drougul ‘Smell Fabric’
May, 24 – June, 5 2003 Liza Moren ‘Record, Record’ and Ruth Pettus ‘PLAZA, PIAZZA, Square’