Jan 09 2011

Association of Galleries of Cutting-Edge Art

Official Press Release

Galleries of St. Petersburg, specializing in contemporary art, announced the establishment of the Association of Galleries of Cutting-Edge Art.

The association is comprised of the following galleries:

• AL Gallery
• Anna Nova Art Gallery
• ART re.FLEX Gallery
• Dmitriy Semenov Gallery
• Frants Gallery Space
• Kremlin Gallery
• Lazarev Gallery
• Marina Gisich Gallery
• Modernariat

The association’s chief mission is to unite efforts in the field of furthering contemporary art in St. Petersburg. Only an alliance of galleries is capable of meeting such challenges as:

• Adequate representation of a stratum of the cutting-edge art and its promotion outside the professional community;
• Active participation of St. Petersburg in the contemporary global art process not just as a “museum reliquary”, but also as one of the centers of cutting­edge art;
• Creation and development of a civilized art market in St. Petersburg.

Announcement of Events for the first half of 2011:

• January 22, 2011, “Opening Day” – united opening nights of all the member galleries of the Association. 8 exhibitions in St. Petersburg; an exhibition of artists of Sterligov’s school in New York. 9 member galleries of the Associations.
• Publication of a uniform guide for the galleries of contemporary art and its distribution through hotels, cultural institutions and recreational establishments.
• Conducting a roundtable discussion on the copyright issues.
• Holding a unified exhibition on the “side space” that would introduce artists and collections of the galleries.
• Night of the Galleries from June 17 to June 18, 2011.

“Opening Day” on January 22, 2011, Saturday. Opening Night: 5 PM – 10 PM.

Press Conference on January 20, 2011, 4 PM. Art Cafe “Stendhal”, Movie Theater “Rodina”. Accreditation: +7 812 315 99 99 or info[AT]al-gallery.com Liza Savina.

More information (PDF 500Kb).
Полный пресс-релиз на русском (PDF 500Кб)

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