Aug 19 2008

Vladimir Kozin – “RUBBERS”

Vladimir Kozin
at Frants Gallery Space (SPb)
rubber art objects

at Frants Gallery Space (St.Petersburg )

Opening: Tuesday, August 19 – 2008

Text from “Kommersant” on English and Russian. RTF 23kb

It seems like galoshes were called product в”number one” by the language of soviet official papers. They were dull and unpleasant, according to those days fashion, but now they became amusing and even stylish. In the same time it is a bit creepy thing, if you remember the unforgettable “Krasnyj Treugolnik” (“Red Triangle”) – a place of forced labour, called “chemistry”, where galoshes were produced. Rubber product “number two” was a condom ” an amusing, indecent and even secret, but very unpleasant thing, according to soviet way of thinking. Now it is banal, like a sugar candy. There are also enemas, pipettes, pacifiers, gas masks, police batons ” tools of salvation and suffering.

In short – rubber is not an ordinary material.