Jan 22 2013


Youth Center at the State Hermitage Museum,
Charitable Foundation St Petersburg Arts Project (NY),
Kolodzei Art Foundation (NY)
With the support of CYLAND Media Art Lab
Within the scope of the project:
“Cutting-Edge Art of St. Petersburg. A Retrospective”.

From private collections of St. Petersburg art collectors
Curator: Leonid Frants
January 23-27, 2013

Artists: Nikolai Akimov, Aleksandr Arefiev, Aleksandr Baturin, Viktor Burtas, Richard Vasmi, Solomon Gershov, Yevgenia Gorokhova, Valentin Gromov, Rodion Gudzenko, Nikolai Zhukov, Anatoly Zaslavsky, Iosif Zisman, Igor Ivanov, Anatoly Kaplan, Aleksandr Kozhin, Pavel Kondratiev, Boris Koshelokhov, Ludmila Kutsenko, Valentin Levitin, Yevgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko, Gerta Nemenova, Leon Nissenbaum, Valentina Povarova, Valeriy Rabchinsky, Solomon Rossin, Ivan Sotnikov, Vladimir Sterligov, Gennady Ustugov, Vladimir Shagin, Sholom Shvarts, Boris Ender, Vladimir Yashke.

01.23.2013. 18.00 Opening of the exhibition.

First showing of the documentary “Richard Vasmi” from the project of Tatiana and Natalia Kolodzei “Reflections on Art”. St. Petersburg, 1997. © Kolodzei Art Foundation

01.24.2013. 6.30 PM – Meeting with the art collector Boris Faizullin

01.26.2013. 4.00 PM – Round table discussion with the collectors Galina Chudnovskaya, Boris Faizullin, Aleksey Rodionov, Sofia Kudryavtseva, Leonid Frants.

Rooms of the Youth Center at the General Staff Building.
Third Floor.
Admission free.

Oct 20 2012

“Eye of the Beholder” by Serge Hollerbach

Frants Gallery Space (New York) cordially invites you to attend the opening reception for

“Eye of the Beholder”

A selection of works by Serge Hollerbach

October 26th, 2012
6:30 – 10:00 PM

RSVP 212 343 0104
or e-mail at anna@frantsgallery.com

По-русски см. ниже

“I am I and my circumstance”
Jose Ortega y Gasset
Meditations on Quixote

On the cover of the collected essays by Sergey Lvovich Hollerbach “Notes of an Artist”(1), there is one of his drawings included in the exhibition.  The depicted person looks a little bit like the author, but Sergey Lvovich maintains that the drawing was not conceived as a self-portrait, even though one could not deny the resemblance of certain traits.  This, so to speak, is a generalized image of an artist.  He is depicted in profile with a sketchbook and a pen in hand, and he seems unaware that he is caught by a beholder, being fully engaged in his work.

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Jun 18 2012

“Up to Twelfth Generation” by Alexander Terebenin

Frants Gallery Space warmly invites you to attend the opening reception for “Up to Twelfth Generation” by Alexander Terebenin

Wednesday, June 20th

Frants Gallery Space
Rubinshteina 23 apt 39
St Petersburg, Russia

Up to Twelfth Generation

Photography of Alexander Terebenin is much like archeology, and his strolls though the city are akin to expeditions – inconspicuous; with neither fuss nor pose. The extraction is carried out openly, without gold miners’ sweat, pioneers’ vehemence or scientists’ zeal. Roaming round and about, melancholically dwelling here and now, the artist retains the time that flowed here and then.

Time is retained in things – shapes, surfaces, losses. In signs applied by people and half-obliterated by weather or adversity – or by repairs, senseless and merciless, much like weather and adversity. But also in signs applied by people and obliterated by people because they no longer think like this. Or because they do not think at all – it so happened.

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May 31 2012

Frants Gallery Space at ArtVilnius12

Frants Gallery Space is excited to announce – we will be heading back to Lithuania to participate in this year’s international contemporary art fair, ArtVilnius12, from June 27th – July 1st. Frants Gallery Space will be bringing artist, Marina Koldobskaya, who will be exhibiting her new work, PERSONAL BAGGAGE

…in addition, Frants Gallery Space will also be bringing Cyland Media artist, Sergej Denisov who will be exhibiting his Mechanical Bugs or "Grownup Toys".

The agenda of the art fair ARTVILNIUS’12 includes an educational programme for children, youth and adults, meetings with artists, podium discussions, lectures, and a cycle of videos about artists as well as various campaigns and performances.


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Apr 12 2012


Invites you to attend
the opening reception for


Friday, April 20th 6:30PM-10:00PM
81 Wooster St. 4th Floor. New York, NY

Featuring readings by and about Dovlatov by writers:
Lara Vapnyar and Barry Yourgrau.
–The readings will begin at 8:00pm–

With photography by:
Nina Alovert, Leonid Lubianitsky, Mark Sherman, Natasha Sharymova


In collaboration with The Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund

Special thanks to Natasha Sharymova, Elena Dovlatova,
Ksana Blank and New York Plus Plus

Writer Sergey Dovlatov (1941-1990) stands out in Russian literature for having placed his works on the border between fierce testimony and playful exaggerations about life.  His independent way of thinking was fresh and reviving for many people during the Soviet times and it still is today.  In 1979, after being expelled from the Union of Soviet Journalists and conscripted to military service, Dovlatov left Russia and moved to New York where he was free to publish his first two novels Kompromis (“The Compromise”) and Zapovednik (“The Nature Reserve”).

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Jan 13 2012

ROMAN DREAMS by Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov

St. Petersburg Arts Project (NY)
cordially invites you
to attend the opening reception
for the exhibition of works by
Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov

January 27th, 2012
6:00 -10:00 PM
81 Wooster Street, 4th Floor

[По-русски см. ниже] This exhibition of the St. Petersburg artists is a result of their three-month stay as fellows of Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fund at the American Academy in Rome in 2010.

The luxurious abundance of marble and flying figures in Roman churches and cathedrals occasioned Ivan Govorkov to create a series of drawings Marble.  “I am imbued with the museum figurative classics at the subconscious level.  And this subconscious, devoid of goals or ideas, is revealed in my drawings”.  The artist draws spontaneously and aimlessly, allowing his hand to glide over the paper on its own as if revealing the invisible. Read more »

Jul 21 2011

Dalia Grybauskaite and Frants Gallery

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite is visiting Frants Gallery stand

President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite is visiting Frants Gallery stand at the international exhibition of contemporary art ARTVILNUS’11. Photo by Marina Koldobskaya.

Jul 12 2011

“Trembling Creatures” at ARTVILNIUS’11

“Frants gallery” takes part in international exhibition of contemporary art ARTVILNUS’11, presenting the project “Trembling creatures”. (Authors: Anna Frants, Hannes Kivits, Aleksei Grachev).
 “Trembling Creatures” at ARTVILNIUS’11

On 13 – 17 July, almost 8,000 sq. m area of the Lithuanian Exhibition and Convension Centre LITEXPO will be occupied by galleries from Lithuania, neighbouring countries and other countries of the world. The main objective of ARTVILNIUS’11 is to present a broad and representative panorama of contemporary art galleries, introduce the best artists and their works while maintaining a high quality of art.

The agenda of the ARTVILNIUS’11 programme includes podium discussions, educational events and sessions of video art. Auxiliary pavilion spaces and approaches of LITEXPO will shelter exhibitions of sculptures, objects and installations by young artists. www.artvilnius.com

Marina Koldobskaya. Worldless. 2011 (Frantsgallery)

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Jun 10 2011

Ночь Актуального Искусства и проект «TOTAL CONTEMPORARY»

Начало: 17 Июня 2011 г. в 21:00

Место проведения: Лофт Rizzordi Art Foundation, Курляндская ул., 49 Санкт-Петербург

Организатор: Rizzordi Art Foundation

Марья Дмитриева. Courtsey Anna Nova gallery
Марья Дмитриева. Courtsey Anna Nova gallery

Дополнительная информация: Ночь с 17 на 18 июня станет единственной в году, когда двери петербургских галерей будут открыты для посетителей. В рамках проекта десять галерей-участников Ассоциации Галерей Актуального Искусства будут представлены вместе на площадке Лофта Rizzordi Art Foundation (Курляндская ул., 49) по принципу арт-ярмарки, которой так не хватает Петербургу, а также подготовят специальные проекты на своих площадках.
В акции «Ночь Актуального Искусства» принимают участие: Rizzordi Art Foundation, AL Gallery, Anna Nova Art Gallery. АRT re.FLEX Gallery, Dmitriy Semenov Gallery, Frants Gallery Space, Marina Gisich Gallery, Lazarev Gallery, Modernariat Gallery, Kremlin Gallery, Государственный Центр Современного Искусства (С-Пб филиал).
Специальный проект для “TOTAL CONTEMPORARY” представит ГЦСИ-СПб. В программе: слайд-проект «Время и Место» (советский и постсоветский бытовой дизайн в фотографиях современных российских художников), программы российского видеоарта из on-line видеоархива САЙЛЕНД МедиаЛаб, лаборатория Поэтического Акционизма.

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May 11 2011


Warmly invites you to attend the opening reception of
an exhibition by artist

Friday, May 13th, 2011
7:00 – 10:00 PM
Rubinshteina 23 kv 39
Our contacts: Tel: +7 812 6648337 or +1 212 343 0104
E-mail: anna@frantsgallery.com
RSVP 212 343 0104 or send email to rsvp@frantsgallery.com

Valentina Petrovna Povarova

Born on August 9, 1933, in Leningrad, to the family of an engineer.
As a child, attended the art studio at the M.A. Gorokhova Palace of Young Pioneers in Leningrad. Read more »